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Monday, 10 May 2021

Misterton Timetable #10

 9.45 pm: Throughout the night there were frequent freight train journeys along the main line between London and the west country. Here is a Torrington to Feltham freight train hauled by a class 700 locomotive. (Through working)

10.10 pm: It is dusk as aYeovil Junction to Exmouth Junction freight hauled by a S15 class passes through.

10.40 pm: Another freight, This time from Plymouth to Templecombe is hauled by a N class locomotive. (Through working)

11.40 pm. And another hauled by a S15 locomotive on journey from Torrington to Nine Elms.

11.50 pm: FInally, a freight train marshalled at Basingstoke comprising freight wagons from Readiing and Southampton and hauled by another S15 locomotive will end its journey at Plymouth in the small hours.


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Monday, 3 May 2021

Misterton Timetable #9

 6.45 pm: Plymouth to Waterloo passenger train hauled by a West Country pacific locomotive. (Through working).

 7.25 pm: S15 class locomotive with a freight train travelling from Feltham to Exmouth Junction. (Through working). Feltham marshalling yard was a large railway yard designed for the concentration of freight traffic to and from South West London, and for transfer to other marshalling yards in London.

7.40 pm: N class locomotive with a freight train including cattle wagons travelling from Plymouth to Feltham (Through working).

8.25 pm: Two trains on site at about the same time. A class 4MT 4-6-0 with its freight train travelling from Sidmouth Junction to Templecombe stops at Misterton, leaves its train on the UP line to collect wagons from the goods yard.

Whilst a Waterloo to Exeter passenger train hauled by a Merchant Navy class locomotive passes on the DOWN line (Through working).

 9.25 pm: It is mid June in 1961 and the sun sets at 9.27 pm. There is a fantastic website here where the position of the sun can be determined for any time and date. It is very useful for selecting sky scenes accurately for model railway photographs.

The last passenger train of the day is hauled by an unrebuilt West Country pacific locomotive. It passes through Misterton having commenced its journey from Waterloo at 7.00 pm and will end at Plymouth after dark.

 9.45 to 11.20.

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Monday, 26 April 2021

Misterton Timetable #8

 5.50pm: Exmouth Junction to Templecombe freight hauled by a Q1 class locomotive (Through working).

5.45pm: A Merchant Navy class locomotive with the Surbiton - Oakhampton car ferry returning holidaymakers to Surbiton (through working).

6.00pm: Through working milk & parcels from Sidmouth Junction being hauled by a Hymek diesel.to Waterloo. The Hymec (class 35) was trialled here by the Western Region, who took over management of the Southern main line in 1963.

6.10pm: Empty milk tanks returning from Clapham Junction to Sidmouth Junction, hauled by S15 class locomotive (Through working).

6.20pm: Freight from Templecombe (S&D) heading to Yeoford hauled by a N class locomotive.

6.45 to 9.25.

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Misterton Timetable #7

4.00 pm: N class locomotive hauling the Cleethorpes to Sidmouth & Exmouth train. The engine picked up the coaches from the S&D line at Templecombe. (Through working)

4.40 pm: Two trains arrive at the same time. On the up line an N15 class hauls the Meldon ballast train destined for Woking (Through working). On the down line is an S15 about to pull away with its Salisbury to Exeter passenger train that includes a 4-wheel van.

5.00 pm: A West Country locomotive with a Plymouth to Waterloo express train. (Through working).

5.25 pm: A Merchant Navy locomotive hauling a Waterloo to Plymouth train (Through working).

5.30 pm: A Bulleid West Country class locomotive having set down passengers sets off with an Exeter to Salisbury train.

To 5.30 - 6.20.

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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Misterton Timetable #6

2.00 pm: West Country class loco hauling the Plymouth to Brighton passenger train. (Through working).

2.20 pm: 700 class locomotive hauling freight from Exmouth Junction to Salisbury. (Through working)

2.30 pm: West Country class locomotive with Mk 1 coaches about to pull away from Misterton to continue its journey from Salisbury to Exmouth Junction.

2.58pm: S15 Class hauling freight from Yeovil Junction to Axminster will stop to set down and pick up wagons.

3.25pm: West Country class locomotive on a Waterloo to Plymouth train takes it easy through Misterton, (Through working).

4.00 to 5.30.

Monday, 5 April 2021

Misterton Timetable #5

11.40 am: West Country class locomotive hauling the Portsmouth to Plymouth train comprising four coaches and a maroon mk1 to bolster the 3 coach number 875 set. (Through working)

1.00 pm. West Country class locomotive hauling a Plymouth to Portsmouth train comprising at least 8 coaches. (Through working)

1.25 pm. The Atlantic Coast Express having left Waterloo at 11 am passes through Misterton. (Through working) Read more about the ACE

1.30 pm. West Country class hauling three coaches uncoupled from the ACE at Salisbury.  Destined for Sidmouth,  Exmouth and Exeter.(Through working)

1.40 pm. The UP ACE destined for Waterloo. (Through working)

Monday, 29 March 2021

Misterton Timetable #4

10.30am : The Chard Shunter on its return trip to Yeovil Junction from Chard Junction stops at Misterton to shunt wagons from the up line to the goods yard. This required a manoeuver to reverse wagons onto the down line in order to access the goods yard from the single slip crossing.

10.35am : S15 class locomotive on a coal train from Yeovil Junction to Exmouth Junction (through working).

10.40am: West Country pacific class locomotive with the Surbiton to Okehampton car ferry passes through Misterton. (Read more about this service here.)

11.25am: Two trains arrive at the same time. Both West Country class locomotives. On the Up line is an Exeter to Waterloo service with 9 coaches incl. restaurant (Through working). On the down line the Waterloo to Plymouth service with 10 passenger coaches incl. restaurant coasts into the station to set down and pick up passengers.

To 11.40 to 1.40

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Monday, 22 March 2021

Misterton Timetable #3

 8.25am: Merchant Navy class on passenger duties from Exeter to Waterloo pulling away from Misterton having stopped for passengers.

8.40am: Feltham to Exmouth Junction freight hauled by N class locomotive. (Through working).

9.20am: Salisbury to Ilfracombe passenger hauled by a Schools Class locomotive, a rare sight so far from its former south eastern home where it was displaced by EMUs. Known to travel as far west as Exeter in the early 1960s. A West Country will take over the train at Exeter. (Through working)

9.25am Exeter to Waterloo passenger hauled by a West Coutry class locomotive. (Through Working)

10.10am Plymouth to Waterloo passenger hauled by a Warship Diesel locomotive. This sets the date after 1963 when the Western took over Southern metals in this area.

To 10.30 - 11.25.

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Monday, 15 March 2021

Misterton Timetable #2

 At last, the sun is up and we can see the trains more clearly. Photos below have been enhanced with sky and smoke. There is a fantastic website here where the position of the sun can be determined for any time and date. It is very useful for selecting sky scenes acurately for model railway photographs.

06.27 am: N15 class conveying 'unfitted'  freight from Plymouth to Salisbury pulling away from Misterton having stopped to pick up empties . (Stopping).

06.35 am: Bulleid West Country with a van and 5 passenger coaches travelling from Ilfracombe to Yeovil Junction. (Through working). At this time the sun altitude is about 15 degrees in the east and in line with the railway track.

07.25 am: Bulleid Merchant Navy with 5 passenger and a restaurant travelling from Exeter to Waterloo (Through Working).

07.30 am: 'The Chrd Shunter', being a class 4MT with a stopping freight from Yeovil Junction destined for Chard Junction.

07.40 am: Bulleid West Country with empty ballast wagons travelling from Wilton to Meldon Quarry, giving off too much smoke through the station.

Click for 8.25 am to 10.10 am.

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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Misterton Timetable #1

Over the coming weeks I shall be presenting a timetable of train movements for my Misterton model railway. Misterton is based on Crewkerne station located on the Waterloo to Exeter main line. 

I created the timetable from a British Railways Working Timetable for 1961 summer Saturday services and I adapted it slightly for greater operating interest on a model railway. The timings below reflect when a train could be seen passing through or stopping at Crewkerne. Where I could find a photograph or data of an actual train for a specific time then I made up the same train to run on the model railway.

For information about the scheduling tool used to call up trains click here.

The first five trains are shown below. These all ran in darkness of the early hours so, may be difficult to see if your screen brightness is darker than mine!

01.45 am: Mechant Navy hauling 49 freight wagons from Nine Elms to Plymouth. (Through working)

02.15 am: N class hauling 48 freight wagons, the first five being 'fitted', from Wadebridge to Salisbury. (Through working)

02.25 am: Q1 class hauling freight wagons from Salisbury to Torrington. (Through working)

03.40 am: West Country hauling newspapers and parcels from Waterloo to Exeter. It will stop at Misterton to drop todays national newspapers.

04.20 am: S15 class hauling freight from Nine Elms to Exmouth Junction. (Through working)

Sun will be up for the next batch.

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Lighting update for Corona Quay

Finally, I have illuminated the last two lamps on the layout. You should read this posting first to understand what this is about and why it has taken so long to finish the lamps.

Today I went for my Covid 19 inoculation and the place I had to go to was within half a mile of the Poundland shop where last year I bought the solar LED lighting for the layout lamps and buildings. I went in there to see if they had set up the garden products display (includes solar lights) that they had withdrawn to make way for Christmas products a few months ago. Indeed they had! Only two solar lights of the type I used before were on display, both of which I needed and bought. One for the lamps (see photo right) and an extra one for the Paper Mill.

More about the Poundland solar LED lamps. 

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Friday, 5 February 2021

A Lorry for Corona Quay

My initial search only discoverd a couple of manufacturers of highly detailed British lorries from the 1950-1970 period.

I quite like the Shapeways offerings but when I found the IXO Ford Thames ET6 in British Railways livery I felt that would be ideal. I found and bought a new model from an Ebay seller at a price much cheaper than Hattons. In fact the range of prices for new models from a variety of Ebay sellers is quite wide at £30 to £70 for this truck. 

It looks the part but don't look too closely as it is left hand drive! Clearly IXO used  parts from their other continental models. I would like to swap the driving position but have not found how to remove the cab for access. Anyone know?

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I have provided web links below to suppliers that offer 1:43 lorry and van models, many of which fit the period.





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