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Monday, 22 January 2018

4mm Scale Corfe Castle Station Building

Anyone who has visited my main website will soon discover that I have a small shop there selling 4mm scale Building card kits. Recently I started to offer assembled models, hand built from the kits.

A customer contacted me interested in buying a built up model of Corfe Castle station building, if one was available from me. Well, currently it is not available but after discussion we came to an agreement that I would design a kit of the building for inclusion in my catalogue and supply him an assembled model. This is my next project and is expected to take a couple of months to complete.

The card kits require paper, grey board, acetate and wire to build a model. The assembled model for this project will use 3D plastic printed parts for some details.

I doubt the card kit will generate many sales because it is a unique building for a specific location, unlike my other models that lend themselves to multiple localities. However, I have a cunning plan that might make it more marketable.

This posting is the first of a series that will cover the development of the kit and build of the model.

I have a 2mm scale plan of the building so, the first job is to scan this and enlarge it to 4mm scale. 

To Part 2.

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