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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Misterton Timetable #1

Over the coming weeks I shall be presenting a timetable of train movements for my Misterton model railway. Misterton is based on Crewkerne station located on the Waterloo to Exeter main line. 

I created the timetable from a British Railways Working Timetable for 1961 summer Saturday services and I adapted it slightly for greater operating interest on a model railway. The timings below reflect when a train could be seen passing through or stopping at Crewkerne. Where I could find a photograph or data of an actual train for a specific time then I made up the same train to run on the model railway.

The first five trains are shown below. These all ran in darkness of the early hours so, may be difficult to see if your screen brightness is darker than mine!

01.45 am: Mechant Navy hauling 49 freight wagons from Nine Elms to Plymouth. (Through working)

02.15 am: N class hauling 48 freight wagons, the first five being 'fitted', from Wadebridge to Salisbury. (Through working)

02.25 am: Q1 class hauling freight wagons from Salisbury to Torrington. (Through working)

03.40 am: West Country hauling newspapers and parcels from Waterloo to Exeter. It will stop at Misterton to drop todays national newspapers.

04.20 am: S15 class hauling freight from Nine Elms to Exmouth Junction. (Through working)

Sun will be up for the next batch.


Unknown said...

I am just looking at your Misterton Layout. This is the first time I have seen the blog so I haven't been following.
Is the goods shed based upon that at Chard Junction, I an in the final process of building my version. I have differences eg the number of roof lights but that doesn't bother me as all I wanted was a goods shed designed by Tite.
Sorry I cannot see how to add pics

David Smith said...

The shed is based on Crewkerne Shed (extant today), which is probably a Tite design. The plans for this were published in November 1960 Railway Modeller magazine, although the author of the article scaled from photographs for dimensions rather than taking actual measurements.

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