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Friday, 30 October 2015

3MT Renovation - Fin

Well, the bogie repair broke at the fixing ring but was soon strengthened with a slither of acetate sheet linking the ring to the body of the bogie.

Next job was to find a motor. X03 or X04? I thought either would do but when I looked deeper I discovered these early motors are a bit of a minefield. First thing to understand is that the X03 post dates the X04! Also, there are 3 pole and 5 pole variants and there are gearing variants.

Identifying which one to use was made simple by finding the Service Sheet for the 1956 R59 3MT at Hornby Railways Collectors Guide. This identified X04 as the right one with a worm thread of 6. That website is an excellent source of historical details for Triang and later ranges.

The best place to buy an X04 motor is Ebay but the prices vary enormously from a few pounds to over twenty. Those at the top end tend to have a rewound armature and NEO magnet upgrade. I monitored for several weeks before bidding and winning one at £7.50 incl. postage. This is an original, used motor that works like new.

Some Sellers don't know what they are selling because I did see X03s listed as X04s. The X04s have felt oil pads, the X03s do not and are not so good build quality (I understand from others).

To Part 1.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pure Nostalgia (for me)

Just got back from the Reading Vintage Toy & Exhibition. Back in the 1970/80s we called them Swap Meets and I have not been to one since then, until recently.

Reading is my third in as many months. It was billed as 'Dateline 1995 - No new goods on sale'. I was doubtful that what I am on the lookout for would be there (too recent) and was proved right. But, what a display to behold. Where do they get this stuff from? Just about every toy car, train and more from distant childhood on display and many in pristine condition with prices to make your eyes water.

Plenty of people buying too. Mostly Greys well over 60. I saw a comment somewhere that when this lot have left this earth the bottom will fall out of the market for vintage toys. Certainly there were far too few children and young adults there and at least one I witnessed exhibited lack of interest in these old toys, much to the disappointment of his dad.

Unusual perhaps was a side exhibition of train layouts. These were not model railways as we know them but expansive train sets set out on bare boards. Train sets that only comprised vintage models from specific manufacturers. For example. Hornby Dublo and Tri-ang TT. Viewing these was like stepping back in time, some train sets dated even before my childhood.

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