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Saturday 9 March 2013

30th BNHMRS expo

A sort of Déjà vu. 

Same halls, same traders, similar layouts and as big a crowd as last years show. 

Shortly after opening time to visit a show can make viewing layouts or browsing a trade stands difficult because of the initial throng of people. But, it is the best time to be sure of finding what you want to buy before it is sold. Not disappointed in this respect. Quite amazing the plethora of modelling items available from the traders.

With regard to layouts, perhaps it was the throng of spectators clouding the viewpoints that distracted me because not much excited or inspired me. Corris 1930 (009) was a delightful welsh valley scene that drew my attention and repeat visits. Alkham (EM) was nice too showing a great illusion of depth from the railway station across well made residential properties at the rear. I wanted to see Fisherton Sarum, billed to show but not to be seen (unless hidden by the crowds.) 

A smile was brought to my face upon viewing Stodmarsh (0 gauge). The cameo scene shown below is based on BBC's Dad's Army with Jones's van, its gas balloon deflated because the troops rifles (which were animated on the model) punctured it as they pushed through the roof!. For me, Dad's Army is a regular Saturday evening programme that is always enjoyable to watch.

Back to model making for me now armed with my purchases. 
Progress will appear on our n gauge blog (link top right).

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