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Monday 26 April 2021

Misterton Timetable #8

 5.50pm: Exmouth Junction to Templecombe freight hauled by a Q1 class locomotive (Through working).

5.45pm: A Merchant Navy class locomotive with the Surbiton - Oakhampton car ferry returning holidaymakers to Surbiton (through working).

6.00pm: Through working milk & parcels from Sidmouth Junction being hauled by a Hymek diesel.to Waterloo. The Hymec (class 35) was trialled here by the Western Region, who took over management of the Southern main line in 1963.

6.10pm: Empty milk tanks returning from Clapham Junction to Sidmouth Junction, hauled by S15 class locomotive (Through working).

6.20pm: Freight from Templecombe (S&D) heading to Yeoford hauled by a N class locomotive.

6.45 to 9.25.

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