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Tuesday, 1 November 2022

November Website Cover

Launch of another new .pdf card kit for 4mm scale modellers. 

Card kit available now.

View the cover here.

Saturday, 8 October 2022

47th Farnham Model Railway Exhibition

Staged in Aldershot. I only discovered it was on for this weekend (8/9 October 22) because the exhibition manager had posted details on SREmG.

Usually a good show because of the number of layouts and traders available to see. I was not disappointed. Unusually for me I had no purchases in mind (for the first time I think). I wanted to buy something but what? It was not until I was on my third walk around the exhibits and after the crowds had thinned that I could study unhindered traders' offerings. As a perused Squires trade stand my mind was jogged by some items seen that were indeed needed. I came a way with a track rubber, Code 100 joiners and thin nosed pliers. The latter to replace a pair I had been using for 50 odd years and is as knackered as me! Nothing exciting bought but glad I found them.

Of the 22 layouts on display these are the ones that appealed most to me.

Pencader (EM)

Raising the track above ground level always seems to be an attractive proposition because it causes the eye to focus on the railway line and its traffic. But, the main reason I liked this layout was the model buildings. Really crisp with intricate details in an attractive GWR colour scheme.

North Cornwall Brewery (00)

A model of two halves. About two thirds of the layout is the brewery and the rest a village. It was not the brewery part that attracted me though. It was the village. Exquisite modelling of a variety of building architecture placed in a very convincing life-like scene.

Redbridge Wharf (00)

I was taken aback by the size of this thing. The photo does not give it justice. A lot going on without being cluttered, probably helped by the vast expanse of water in this Hampshire dockside scene.

Sherton Abbas (7mm)

I stood for ages totally absorbed and transported into this miniature reality. When attention to detail is done as well as this in the larger scale it really surpasses the best of the smaller scales because small things are easier to see when they are bigger. Lozenge shaped and about 4 feet at the deepest point allowed the three dimensional landscape go deep in a layered approach (not captured in the photograph unfortunately). Just some of the detail included flocks of pigeons perched on the building roofs, rabbits on the embankment and telegraph wires installed.

This layout was my personal best in show and I voted for it in the election.

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Mainline Class 4MT 4-6-0 Pipe Repair

See that black 'pipe'. Well, I forget how many times I have knocked it off and glued it back on. It came off yet again and is now lost. Looking at photos of other models it seems to be a common occurrence. Check it is there if you buy one.

I decided to fabricate a replacement and started by searching out a photo of the prototype.

Now that is a surprise. The Mainline model representation is quite different, being partly flat, too far forward and angles omitted!

Using the prototype as a guide I used two gauges of copper wire (0.8mm and 0.5mm) to make the replacement. 

Whilst it is black on the prototype I decided to leave it copper coloured so I can admire my effort. There is a lot of other pipework and a speedo cable on the prototype. Can't see a simple and effective way to fit a speedo cable so I will leave those details off.

The fixing of the pipe was easy. A 0.7mm diameter hole was drilled in the cabin bulkhead to accept the fixing spigot (shown arrowed below) and the upper part of the pipe superglued beneath the running plate.

With hindsight I feel it should be a little more inboard. There is room.

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