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Friday 30 August 2013

Tell Me I'm Mad

Or a clever opportunist!

I have been caught up in the frenzy over the new magazine 'Your Model Railway Village' because of the coach given away with issue 1 at only £3.99. I saw it in WH SMITH and dithered over whether or not to buy. Do I really need a MK1 maroon coach? Probably not, even though my railway is set in the 1960s. So I left empty handed.

Back home I did a search and discovered the model railway forums were buzzing with reviews, especially of the coach, which by all accounts suggest the quality is on par with the Bachmann's of this world, and yet it is only £3.99.

Then this review appeared on YouTube. If that guy is not a salesman he should be because he inspired me to go out and see if I could find one.

Immediately I went to our 'One Stop' shop, a few minutes walk from home to see if they had one (unlikely I thought). But, tucked away on the bottom shelf almost hidden, was only one magazine. Grabbed it and enquired at the counter if they had anymore. The manager went out back and returned with another two! So, I bought their entire remaining stock of three for less than £12.

In my excitement I entered my PIN number incorrectly three times and locked my debit card! (Thankfully I have others).

Now what do I do with this collection?
  • Leave them unopened as an inheritance for my three children to sell for profit in about 30 years?
  • Use the three coaches myself and give the extra magazines away? 
  • Sell them on eBay after the shop stocks have all evaporated? 
 SDJR7F88 you have a lot to answer for but, I am pleased with my find (It awakened the primeval hunter instinct in me).

If your shop has sold out you can subscribe online via this link. (28 days notice to cancel subscription)

To Part 1.
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