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Saturday 19 May 2012

expoEM 2012

The first layout seen upon entering the hall was Clutton (P4). Just 24ft of magnificence. Yes, a model railway operated to prototypical standards, bells and all, but more than this. We see a vast stretch of rural England with undulating hills and no less than three farms. The railway itself almost incidental passing through it.

Photographs do not easily capture the expanse of it. In my snap shot the station can hardly be discerned in the middle distance. Interestingly, the curves into the rear fiddle yard are landscaped too so there are more scenes beyond the horizon and behind the photographer.

All the other layouts were of equally high standard, as can be expected at a finescale exhibition.

Society member's demonstration stands seemed to be greater in number than the 2011 show, all attracting interest from visitors.

From the specialist traders I obtained materials to advance my own modelling activities.
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