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Friday 18 January 2013

LSWR Signal Box - Furniture

Final view of the Signal Box interior shows the recent addition of furniture etc.

Starting from the lower left is the Tyer's Token Instrument for single line working atop a cupboard. This is not needed for Hewish Gates but I made it for other locations. One aspect of the hobby I like is learning about real railway practises. Not being a railwayman myself I did not appreciate that the hoop passed between signalman and driver is not the token itself. The token is in fact a key that is taken from the token instrument and placed in a pouch attached to the hoop.

In the top left corner is a sink unit comprising cupboards and a Belfast sink. The gap next to it is where the Romesse stove is located (it is attached to the stove pipe which is fixed to the roof not shown here). Next is a table and chair and then the booking desk with the train register on top.

Beneath the far window is the level crossing gate operating wheel.

Attached to the back of the instrument shelf is the track diagram that was missing from the photo in the previous posting.

On the side wall next to the sink and not visible here is the clock and notice board.

I know there is no telephone or signalman installed but have I missed anything important that could be modelled?

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Tuesday 8 January 2013

LSWR Signal Box Interior - Instruments & Levers

The limitations of paper modelling is manifest with the construction of the signal box instruments.

How can bells and dials with their sinuous shapes and only a few mm in size be represented easily with paper and card? Picture shows the cop out - square blocks.

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Monday 7 January 2013

LSWR Signal Box Lever Frame

Here is the lever frame for the new signal box (previous posting). It is loosely based on the Stevens Frame in common use on the L&SWR.

This was the third attempt at devising a paper and card construction method that can be made without too much difficulty. Even so, these are very small parts and a bit fiddly to assemble. (Levers are 15mm tall and 1mm wide).

There are 5 parts to the build:
  • the frame base plate
  • convex slotted frame overlay and foot board
  • row of levers in 'Normal' position
  • row of levers in 'Off' position
  • lever identification plates.
The frame looks operational but is entirely cosmetic - levers do not move.

There is a useful site about lever colours here.

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Tuesday 1 January 2013

LSWR Type 4 Signal Box

Picture shows my new box for Hewish Gates.
It is another of my own card kit designs.

I plan to create interior fittings for it next - all made from paper and card.

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