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Monday 31 August 2015

Jinty Renovation - Part 1

Years ago little bro' gave me his Triang Hornby Jinty (a model dating from 1960s). Now he has taken up the hobby he wants it back.

Neither of us can remember what state the model was in when I received it and I was convinced I no longer had it until on opening a drawer this week I saw its body there in a very poor state. How the buffer beam came to be broken and the chimney, both of which are missing is a mystery and whilst he is convinced he gave it to me with its chassis I can't find it anywhere.

Most people would throw the remnant away since second hand replacements are relatively inexpensive and there are better detailed models available new. But, with a 3D printer to hand I felt it would make an enjoyable project to renovate the body.

From this photo you can discern what was missing and the 3D printed replacements in grey plastic. The dimensions were scaled from various photographs of original models.

Having primed the body with Halfords grey primer (not shown) the light colour has highlighted details of the plastic moulding that are lost to the eye with the black finish. The moulding details are very fine indeed and embossed '3F' markings are revealed near the cab side windows.

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