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Sunday 15 October 2023

48th Farnham & District Model Railway Expo.

Plenty of quality exhibits and traders seen at this show. Unfortunately, with young, active grandsons to keep an eye on I did not feel able to study the layouts in detail (not a complaint). A couple of layouts had been seen before including Arun Quay which, was an inspiration for my own 0 gauge Corona Quay layout. Wanted to chat about this with Gordon (Arun Quay owner) but, he had been waylaid by another visitor who would not stop talking! I previously voted Arun Quay my personal 'best in show' at the Basingstoke expo. so, felt I should select another for this show.

I know there were some very interesting layouts that I only glimpsed while passing. Two that I did dwell on were Rossiter Rise (00). A London underground railway scene set above ground that was full of atmosphere.

My personal 'best in show' goes to Copper Wort (00). Now, I am not a great fan of Brewery scenes but the detail and quality of buildings on this layout is outstanding. Many industrial buildings (many more than in my photo) scratch built in plastic card and some with internal lighting that showed off internal furniture and d├ęcor. Must have taken a very long time to construct this layout.

I only had a pot of paint on my shopping list (duly bought) but, came away with a major purchase as well. For years I had been wanting a Bachmann Class 5MT Red Knight locomotive (only available from the after market). I wanted one because the Southern allocations took on the names of the King Arthur N15 locomotives after they were withdrawn. Low and behold here was a trader with a rare pristine model including accessories and name plates still in bags. I felt compelled to purchase it. A discounted price was non-negotiable so, I payed the asking price which, to be fair, is the going rate for it.

Anyone who has just acquired one and wants to know how to open it for DCC fitting visit this Trains of Thought Blog.

Class 5MT accessories and route discs installed. Awaiting a crew.

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