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Wednesday 9 July 2014

GBL Bulleid BoB - Part 1

This is the one I have really been waiting for and I have to say I'm quite pleased with it, despite reviews at RMWEB that criticise its accuracy to prototype. I have definite ideas to motorise this one and repaint in BR crest livery so I am only interested in the body of which the most distasteful aspect for me is the smoke deflectors that are solid to the body - no gap between. Another part that I did not initially notice until reading reviews is that the front buffer beam is set too high.

What is especially good is that the chassis is a separate component that can be removed revealing a hollow body shell, which should enable a motorised chassis to be fitted with a bit of fiddling. The tender can also be modified quite easily to fit a working wheel set.

I doubt the total cost of the motorisation project will be any less than a good second hand r-t-r Hornby model but I'll be doing it for the pleasure.

To Part 2.

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