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Monday, 15 March 2021

Misterton Timetable #2

 At last, the sun is up and we can see the trains more clearly. Photos below have been enhanced with sky and smoke. There is a fantastic website here where the position of the sun can be determined for any time and date. It is very useful for selecting sky scenes acurately for model railway photographs.

06.27 am: N15 class conveying 'unfitted'  freight from Plymouth to Salisbury pulling away from Misterton having stopped to pick up empties . (Stopping).

06.35 am: Bulleid West Country with a van and 5 passenger coaches travelling from Ilfracombe to Yeovil Junction. (Through working). At this time the sun altitude is about 15 degrees in the east and in line with the railway track.

07.25 am: Bulleid Merchant Navy with 5 passenger and a restaurant travelling from Exeter to Waterloo (Through Working).

07.30 am: 'The Chrd Shunter', being a class 4MT with a stopping freight from Yeovil Junction destined for Chard Junction.

07.40 am: Bulleid West Country with empty ballast wagons travelling from Wilton to Meldon Quarry, giving off too much smoke through the station.

Click for 8.25 am to 10.10 am.

To Part 1.

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