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Saturday 17 March 2018

4mm Scale Corfe Castle Station Building - 12

This is the elaborate cupola that sits on top of the gents toilet block. Looks a complicated piece but was quite easy to make.

The final module to design and build was a small annex at this end of the building on the platform side. It is a signal box added to the station about 1957 after BR demolished the original box that was on the 2nd platform (later rebuilt by the heritage railway). Today it is used as a porter staff room, being an extension of their room inside the toilet block.

The style of roof is unknown but there is a clue that suggests it is a flat roof because there is one hole at the top of the wall on the other side served by a drain pipe. If it was a gable roof then there would have been a drain pipe on this side too.

The notice on the door reads "This Signalbox is Private" and fixes the period of the model in the BR period from about 1957.

Below are photos of the completed model. Click an image for a larger view.

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Tuesday 13 March 2018

35th BNHMRS expo.

The problem with frequently visiting model railway shows is that you'll come across layouts seen at other exhibitions. That was the case at this show for several have already featured in my postings, being high quality layouts. This makes the job of choosing a new personal best in show difficult. I had been around the whole exhibition feeling disappointed that none stood out for me. (Of course, what is appealing is down to personal taste and for me it's layouts that look realistic with fine details.)

The last layout seen held my attention for some time and receives my best in show, which for the first time matched the official judges choice too. It is Lower Exbury (P4), one of only two finescale layouts at this show I believe, and in that is the clue as to why it won. Finescale means realistic looking, to scale.

At first glance it appears a minimalist layout that you might quickly pass by but study it closely and little cameo scenes surprise and delight the viewer.

Here is one, an exquisitely painted 4mm scale figure.

Another layout of note not seen before is Brixham Bay (N). The origins of the model has an interesting back story that I'll not go into here. Ask the exhibitor if you see it at a show.

I choose it because of the back scene design. I assumed it was a photograph, as is the trend,  but learnt it is an oil on canvas painting created by the modeller that took a year to create! Not only a skilled modeller but an artist too.

Photos Copyright 2018: Ed Smith.

Friday 9 March 2018

4mm Scale Corfe Castle Station Building - 11

The gents toilet block, whilst the same style as the main building, is shorter and narrower than the ticket office it ajoins.

Its not quite finished as there is a very ornate, almost oriental in style, cupola to design, build and fix to the roof top.

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Saturday 3 March 2018

4mm Scale Corfe Castle Station Building - 10

Two annexes for the Station Master's residence.

The stone annex is a storeroom. I started making this first and when it came to designing the wooden entrance lobby discovered that I made the store room too low. It is that lobby roof jutting into the storeroom that is critical. It has to blend into the incline of the store room roof  and not sit above it. Consequently I had to discard and remake the store room but was able to reclaim the roof.

Part of the issue was my reference drawing that is inaccurate w.r.t. the lobby compared to actual dimensions I have to hand.

The lobby architectural style is way out of character with the main building and is probably a latter addition. It is a private entrance to the house from the garden.

A little more detail - first aid stretcher cabinet.

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