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Monday 26 April 2021

Misterton Timetable #8

 5.50pm: Exmouth Junction to Templecombe freight hauled by a Q1 class locomotive (Through working).

5.45pm: A Merchant Navy class locomotive with the Surbiton - Oakhampton car ferry returning holidaymakers to Surbiton (through working).

6.00pm: Through working milk & parcels from Sidmouth Junction being hauled by a Hymek diesel.to Waterloo. The Hymec (class 35) was trialled here by the Western Region, who took over management of the Southern main line in 1963.

6.10pm: Empty milk tanks returning from Clapham Junction to Sidmouth Junction, hauled by S15 class locomotive (Through working).

6.20pm: Freight from Templecombe (S&D) heading to Yeoford hauled by a N class locomotive.

6.45 to 9.25.

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Tuesday 20 April 2021

Misterton Timetable #7

4.00 pm: N class locomotive hauling the Cleethorpes to Sidmouth & Exmouth train. The engine picked up the coaches from the S&D line at Templecombe. (Through working)

4.40 pm: Two trains arrive at the same time. On the up line an N15 class hauls the Meldon ballast train destined for Woking (Through working). On the down line is an S15 about to pull away with its Salisbury to Exeter passenger train that includes a 4-wheel van.

5.00 pm: A West Country locomotive with a Plymouth to Waterloo express train. (Through working).

5.25 pm: A Merchant Navy locomotive hauling a Waterloo to Plymouth train (Through working).

5.30 pm: A Bulleid West Country class locomotive having set down passengers sets off with an Exeter to Salisbury train.

To 5.30 - 6.20.

To Part 1.

Tuesday 13 April 2021

Misterton Timetable #6

2.00 pm: West Country class loco hauling the Plymouth to Brighton passenger train. (Through working).

2.20 pm: 700 class locomotive hauling freight from Exmouth Junction to Salisbury. (Through working)

2.30 pm: West Country class locomotive with Mk 1 coaches about to pull away from Misterton to continue its journey from Salisbury to Exmouth Junction.

2.58pm: S15 Class hauling freight from Yeovil Junction to Axminster will stop to set down and pick up wagons.

3.25pm: West Country class locomotive on a Waterloo to Plymouth train takes it easy through Misterton, (Through working).

4.00 to 5.30.

Monday 5 April 2021

Misterton Timetable #5

11.40 am: West Country class locomotive hauling the Portsmouth to Plymouth train comprising four coaches and a maroon mk1 to bolster the 3 coach number 875 set. (Through working)

1.00 pm. West Country class locomotive hauling a Plymouth to Portsmouth train comprising at least 8 coaches. (Through working)

1.25 pm. The Atlantic Coast Express having left Waterloo at 11 am passes through Misterton. (Through working).

1.30 pm. West Country class hauling three coaches uncoupled from the ACE at Salisbury.  Destined for Sidmouth,  Exmouth and Exeter.(Through working)

1.40 pm. The UP ACE destined for Waterloo. (Through working)
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