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Friday, 1 January 2021

January Website Cover

Features another 4 mm scale card kit just released for purchase from my website. It is a loco coaling stage and inspection pit based on the facility at Swanage in pre-heritage days. An ideal companion for the Small Water Tower kit that has been available for some time.

Two versions of coaling stage are included in the kit. The Swanage version and a generic version for any small loco yard.

Happy modelling this new year!

View the cover here.

View the product here.

Saturday, 14 November 2020

Trees for a Grandson's Train Set

 Photo shows the autumn flowering Sedum ' Autumn Joy'.

Wait until winter to harvest the dead flower stalks then PVA glue some together to form a posy that looks like a tree. Some sprigs are set into the bunch at an angle to help form the tree shape. I glued one sprig at a time waiting for the glue to set between placements. It takes quite some time to complete. A different, instant setting glue would speed up the process.

Spray the dead flower heads with green acrylic paint, maybe a dark shade and then lighter shade where the light falls. I made a wooden template same size as the area destined for the trees and arranged five trees in a group. I drilled holes in the template to accept the tree trunks. (I made the template because the trees were made miles away from the train set.)

The template was placed on the train set and holes drilled into the baseboard through the template holes. The trees were then pushed into the holes without the need for glueing.


Friday, 23 October 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 31

Loading Gauge and Turnout lever barriers
I intended to enhance the road surface with puddles, crack repairs and weeds but looking at it now I do not feel the need to do so.

From a modelling aspect just a few more additions (see photos) then photography, movie production and play!

I am on the lookout for a detailed lorry of the period and I may add goods to the quay side.

END (for now)

Index of articles for this series:
(each open in a new window/tab)

Part 1:  Baseboard Construction

Part 2: Track Plan

Part 3: DIY 3D Print Sleepered Rail

Part 4. Sleepered Turnout Construction  

Part 5: Power Feeds 

Part 6: Turnout Buried in Tarmac Construction

Part 7: Ballasting Track with Pumice

Part 8: Weathering Track

Part 9: More track layout and construction

Part 10:  Cassette Storage Fiddle Yard Construction

Part 11: SR Buffer Stop Construction

Part 12: LB&SCR Level Crossing Construction

Part 13: Scalescenes Free Hut for 0 Gauge 

Part 14. Scratchbuild Mc Boaty Marine Engineers Workshop 

Part 15. Modelling Flora

Part 16: DIY 3D Print Railings 

Part 17a to  Part 17b: Scratchbuild Hillson Paper Mill

Part 18: Second Fiddle Yard 

Part 19: Loco Driver & Fireman

Part 20: A Suprising Buffer Stop 

Part 21: Road and Wall Construction

Part 22. DIY 3D Print Quayside Crane 

Part 23: Scalescenes Puffer Boat in 0 Gauge

Part 24: Quayside Furniture Construction 

Part 25a to Part 25e: Scratchbuild Transshipment Shed and Goods

Part 26: Corona Quay Photo Survey

Part 27: Siding Power Isolation Switching 

Part 28: Lighting for Buildings

Part 29:  Cameo Scene Construction

Part 30:  Working Yard Lamp Construction


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