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Tuesday 25 August 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 26

I started this project in January 2020, before furlough became a word in common use. Throughout the Corona Virus pandemic building this model railway became a sanctuary for me to escape the worries and disturbing news of events impacting society. The model is not finished but has reached a point of visual acceptance.

The location is fictitious and consequently had no name. As time wore on it became obvious that only one name would be fitting. I can now reveal its identity.

Welcome to CORONA QUAY.


Wednesday 19 August 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 25E

The roof slates are laid as overlapping rows and the entire roof is removable so that the highly detailed interior can be viewed more easily. Drainpipes are 3D printed.

I thought about adding canopies. This would not be appropriate for the ship loading side as rigging etc. would get in the way. For the lorry loading side a canopy would impede our view of the interior. In practice not all Goods Sheds were fitted with canopies.

Basic scenic details for the whole layout are now complete ready to run trains realistically. Future works will focus on small details such as telegraph poles, lamps, weeds, goods, people and lighting buildings. I also need to put in some isolating track wiring so that an engine can be held in a siding whilst another is run (analogue control).

The next Blog posting will reveal the name for this layout. Can you guess what it is?

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Friday 14 August 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 25D

The photograph below shows cargo and handling equipment to be placed in the transhipment shed. All are 3D printed by myself.
  • 3 barrels; scaled up from 2mm designs I created for an N gauge layout. The ends carry labels identifying the whiskey content and destination address.
  • Oil Drum; scaled up from 2mm designs I created for an N gauge layout. The middle band has logos, as per the prototype.
  • Crates; scaled up from 2mm designs I created for an N gauge layout. They carry destination address labels
  • Associated Portland Cement (Blue Circle) Cement bags; designed for this project and carry printed paper logos.
  • Sack Truck; a free .stl from www.thingiverse.com. Had to be rescaled.
  • Pallet; a free .stl from www.thingiverse.com. Had to be rescaled.
  • Pallet Truck; a free .stl from www.thingiverse.com. Already to scale (1:43).
So pleased with the results Fixed down with blu tack as I wanted the option of  removing or repositioning them.
 To Part 25E.

Thursday 6 August 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 25C

This is about lifting equipment for the transhipment shed. With platforms either side of the run through siding a beam hoist is necessary to convey goods from one to the other. The cabling is static but the trolley can be moved along the beam. Quite pleased how this turned out.

The beam is supported by two longitudinal beams that are mounted on wall brackets. All parts are 3D printed except cabling and pulley. I tried to print the pulley but it did not form as well as those on the Puffer Boat, perhaps because the elliptical Puffer pulleys have a bit more 'meat'. In my stock box I had a couple of small rods with spigots on the ends so it was made up from that.

The beam extends over the lorry loading area and you would think it would also extend over the boat loading area. Remembering this is a quay on a river estuary with coastal steamers visiting; I decided it would not be appropriate as it could get in the way of a boats rigging when it is trying to moor alongside. So, a rotating crane is installed on that platform.

This crane is a scaled up version of my 4mm scale goods shed crane. The design is fully detailed so no further enhancements were required for this larger version.

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