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Monday, 29 March 2021

Misterton Timetable #4

10.30am : The Chard Shunter on its return trip to Yeovil Junction from Chard Junction stops at Misterton to shunt wagons from the up line to the goods yard. This required a manoeuver to reverse wagons onto the down line in order to access the goods yard from the single slip crossing.

10.35am : S15 class locomotive on a coal train from Yeovil Junction to Exmouth Junction (through working).

10.40am: West Country pacific class locomotive with the Surbiton to Okehampton car ferry passes through Misterton. (Read more about this service here.)

11.25am: Two trains arrive at the same time. Both West Country class locomotives. On the Up line is an Exeter to Waterloo service with 9 coaches incl. restaurant (Through working). On the down line the Waterloo to Plymouth service with 10 passenger coaches incl. restaurant coasts into the station to set down and pick up passengers.

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