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Monday, 3 May 2021

Misterton Timetable #9

 6.45 pm: Plymouth to Waterloo passenger train hauled by a West Country pacific locomotive. (Through working).

 7.25 pm: S15 class locomotive with a freight train travelling from Feltham to Exmouth Junction. (Through working). Feltham marshalling yard was a large railway yard designed for the concentration of freight traffic to and from South West London, and for transfer to other marshalling yards in London.

7.40 pm: N class locomotive with a freight train including cattle wagons travelling from Plymouth to Feltham (Through working).

8.25 pm: Two trains on site at about the same time. A class 4MT 4-6-0 with its freight train travelling from Sidmouth Junction to Templecombe stops at Misterton, leaves its train on the UP line to collect wagons from the goods yard.

Whilst a Waterloo to Exeter passenger train hauled by a Merchant Navy class locomotive passes on the DOWN line (Through working).

 9.25 pm: It is mid June in 1961 and the sun sets at 9.27 pm. There is a fantastic website here where the position of the sun can be determined for any time and date. It is very useful for selecting sky scenes accurately for model railway photographs.

The last passenger train of the day is hauled by an unrebuilt West Country pacific locomotive. It passes through Misterton having commenced its journey from Waterloo at 7.00 pm and will end at Plymouth after dark.

 9.45 to 11.20.

To Part 1.

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