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Saturday 22 February 2014

Here We Go Again!

A finely detailed 00 gauge locomotive for £2.99.

Following on from 'Your Model Railway Village' it's another part work magazine with an opening offer of A4 class Mallard and magazine about the A4 class for £2.99. This time from Amermedia not Hatchett.

Don't get too excited. It is a non motorised display model but finely detailed never the less with cab details, vacuum pipes, brake gear, separate hand rails, window glass etc. etc. Regrettably, the wheels and coupling rods are fixed so can't be motorised. I dare say some modellers will strip off the bodies and attempt to add a motorised chassis (and I look forward to reading about these conversions) but I bought this as a display model and will not be customising it.

I was in two minds as to whether or not to open the package but the decision was made for me when I saw one of the bogie wheels rolling past the locomotive! This was easily repaired with a spot of super glue.

Tender details are particularly fine with minute printing showing water levels.

The cab has moulded pipe work etc. but none of it has been given painted highlights, except the regulator handle. I would like to have seen the additions of driver Joe Duddington and fireman Tommy Bray, the crew who achieved the 126 mph record.
Whilst mounted on a plastic rail and base, there is no dust cover. The clear packaging could be used but is not ideal and a poor quality substitute for a solid enclosure. The model will become a dust collector if not displayed in an enclosed case or cabinet.

The next issue for £5.99 includes a LMS Duchess class. Southern locomotives planned for future issues at £8.99 are to include Schools and West Country Class. All good value in my opinion considering Dapol kits are about the same price and these need to be assembled and painted. I do not plan to subscribe but I hope the Southern locomotive issues will appear in the shops as I will buy these.

Now I'm off to read the 15 page magazine.

Sunday 16 February 2014

3D Factory Windows

Sixteen 'N' gauge factory windows 3D printed.

The glazing bars were designed to be 0.25mm wide but actually vary between 0.5mm and 0.9mm!. This is really pushing the limits of the machine. With more adjustment and trials greater accuracy could be obtained as the printing resolution is specified as 0.1mm *. As it is these are not perfect but are fit for purpose. They will be appearing on Thornycroft building #8, which I'll blog shortly.

Obtaining a 3D printer is only part of the story. To create original models we need to design them using a CAD application that outputs stereo lithography files (.stl). These then need to be converted with a 'Slicer' application into machine readable G code files.

* 0.1mm is the layer height. The ejector nozzel is 0.5mm so, this is the smallest width possible. Smaller nozzels are available I understand.

To Part 5 (Making an 'N' gauge Thornycroft J Class lorry).

To Part 1.
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