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Friday 23 October 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 31

Loading Gauge and Turnout lever barriers
I intended to enhance the road surface with puddles, crack repairs and weeds but looking at it now I do not feel the need to do so.

From a modelling aspect just a few more additions (see photos) then photography, movie production and play!

I am on the lookout for a detailed lorry of the period and I may add goods to the quay side.

END (for now)

Index of articles for this series:
(each open in a new window/tab)

Part 1:  Baseboard Construction

Part 2: Track Plan

Part 3: DIY 3D Print Sleepered Rail

Part 4. Sleepered Turnout Construction  

Part 5: Power Feeds 

Part 6: Turnout Buried in Tarmac Construction

Part 7: Ballasting Track with Pumice

Part 8: Weathering Track

Part 9: More track layout and construction

Part 10:  Cassette Storage Fiddle Yard Construction

Part 11: SR Buffer Stop Construction

Part 12: LB&SCR Level Crossing Construction

Part 13: Scalescenes Free Hut for 0 Gauge 

Part 14. Scratchbuild Mc Boaty Marine Engineers Workshop 

Part 15. Modelling Flora

Part 16: DIY 3D Print Railings 

Part 17a to  Part 17b: Scratchbuild Hillson Paper Mill

Part 18: Second Fiddle Yard 

Part 19: Loco Driver & Fireman

Part 20: A Suprising Buffer Stop 

Part 21: Road and Wall Construction

Part 22. DIY 3D Print Quayside Crane 

Part 23: Scalescenes Puffer Boat in 0 Gauge

Part 24: Quayside Furniture Construction 

Part 25a to Part 25e: Scratchbuild Transshipment Shed and Goods

Part 26: Corona Quay Photo Survey

Part 27: Siding Power Isolation Switching 

Part 28: Lighting for Buildings

Part 29:  Cameo Scene Construction

Part 30:  Working Yard Lamp Construction


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