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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Take a Length of Copper Wire

seatsThe platform seat on the right in photo. is a fair representation of an LSWR 9' bench commonly seen on stations throughout the Southern Region of BR in the 1960s.

The 4mm scale model was fabricated from thin copper wire hammered flat, each piece carefully formed with thin nosed pliers and soldered.

Holding it in a vice as each piece was added acted as a heat sink so that previously soldered parts were less inclined to desolder and fall off.

5 slats for the seat and three for the backrest with the topmost being deeper than the others. I feel that the front to back depth of the seat should be another mil. or two deeper.

Whilst I made this seat myself from tinned copper wire, you can buy an etched brass kit from this supplier.

The seat in front is an oddity. It can be seen in photos of Crewkerene Station from the 1950s to - well I photographed Crewkerne in the 1970s and it was still there! 5 slats for the base and 1 for the backrest. No arm rests and a less elaborate sub frame.

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