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Friday, 26 August 2016

Project 16 - East Field Part 2

Squeezed into the corner of the baseboard is station cottage, a Wills Finecast plastic kit I built in the late 1980s.

Photo. 1, Station Cottage (with photo stitched back scene)

On the left is a wooded enclosure (Woodland Scenics small trees, shrubs and homemade large tree comprised of dead Yarrow sprigs).

The cottage fronts onto Clark's Lane and East Field (yet to be modelled).

Photo. 2, Dusk at Station Cottage (with photo stitched back scene)

The rustic hedge is my first attempt using a method that I saw in a YouTube video tutorial recently. Hitherto I used green scourer pad covered in Woodland Scenics matting. That's fine except it can look a bit too uniform. I wanted a hedge that was more rustic, as seen alongside little-used country lanes.

It is simply coir hanging basket liner covered in course scatter and sprayed green allowing some of the coir brown colour to show through. The trick  is to pull the coir about for a chaotic appearance whilst keeping the bottom narrower than the top.

Photo 3, Garden

I don't think much of the cottage scene will be visible once the foreground landscape is created so there is no point going overboard on garden detailing.

The ground at the back and front of the cottage is grass flock paper. I placed the vegetable plot, clothes line and apple tree in a line between garage and cottage with the intent of placing a 'portal' into the foreground landscape through which they can be glimpsed.

Garage available to purchase here.

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Mikkel said...

Lovely scenes. Your use of greenery is particularly inspiring. The trees and that hedge are very convincing.

David Smith said...

Thank you Mikkel. Glad my efforts strike a chord with you. Keep watching for more inspiring scenes. Clarks lane is up next.

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