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Friday 19 August 2016

Project 16 - East Field Part 1

This is the site for East Field, Clark's Lane and Station Cottage. I thought the land would rise above the track bed level, as it does at West Field, but when I checked Crewkerne's station plan again I found that it is lower than the track bed! I don't think it is a massive drop so I am sticking with the small drop here caused by the cork track underlay.

There are three things I want to achieve here. Firstly, a large open field like West Field, secondly a nicely modelled underused lane/bridleway and thirdly lots of trees and shrubs as I have quite a number available from the previous layout. A large open field and lots of trees in this space will be a challenge to maintain balance.

I have two options where to place the cottage, which incidentally does not exist on the prototype, either here with the lane in front of it or, with the cottage back facing us and the lane on the other side. From the viewers position a rear view of the cottage may be more interesting showing a detailed garden and out buildings but the lane would be insignificantly short cutting across the corner. On the prototype the lane ends with a pedestrian level crossing over the main line.

I have decided to position the cottage as shown and run the lane in front of it.

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