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Friday, 15 July 2016

Project 16 - Down Siding Landscape

On the east side of the cattle dock at Crewkerne was a coal office but the coal stacks were on the other side of an adjacent siding. Here on the model we are right at the front edge of the layout so the coal siding and coal stacks are off stage.

Just to highlight that there was coaling activity near here a sprinkling of coal dust has been applied to the yard.

The office itself is a very old Airfix kit, which is a bit crude by todays standards. Nevertheless, it is still available under the Dapol brand.

On the west side of the cattle dock was a hut (purpose unknown) and this too is an Airfix kit. In this photo the ramp up to the loading platform is seen.

The embankment was made in the same manner as West Field, except wood filler used on the car park was applied instead of plaster of Paris to cover the foam.

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