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Friday, 8 July 2016

Project 16 - Cattle Dock

The cattle dock at Crewkerne had a brick platform, unlike the stone block station platforms. Three pens were provided and an unfenced loading platform alongside.

I have three different area plans and an aerial view of the station and yet none of them clearly show how the livestock gained access to the pens from the road side. Two plans show a ramp to the unfenced loading platform alongside but no access gates were provided from there.  There was one access gate located at the back of the rearmost pen. This gate must be the entrance for livestock but the plans do not show a ramp to it or much space to manoeuvre livestock lorries. None of this matters from a modelling aspect because the rear half of the dock is 'off stage', as shown right!

The platform  is made in the same way as the station platforms, being a plank of wood 18mm thick covered in granite dust on a dark grey painted base.

The fences at Crewkerne were board on concrete posts. For the model they are 3D printed, but matchsticks and card would be just as good and simpler to make.

The gates are fitted with paper hinges so that they can be opened and closed. Paper hinges are not robust enough to withstand prolonged use but they will only be moved for the occasional photographic session.

The gates are also fitted with working latches made from thin copper wire.

The final photo shows the loading gates open with a cow about to enter a wagon. However, Crewkerne was more noted as a dispatch centre for male calves destined for Scotland where they were processed into veal. I would like to show a pen of 6 month old veal calves but 00 gauge calves are not available in large packs. Best we can get is a pack of cows that include 1 or 2 calves. N gauge cows are too small to represent 6 month old 00 gauge calves but TT cows (Noch or Preiser) are close enough in height but carry too much weight for calves. The pens willl have to remain empty until I solve this problem. A couple of water troughs are also needed to complete the pens.

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