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Friday, 29 July 2016

Project 16 - Down Platform Furniture

On the previous layout I set up a cameo scene based on a photograph of passengers standing on Axminster station near its foot bridge. This required me to fabricate my own human figures to achieve the same costume and pose as in the photograph. The plan was to recreate the scene on the new layout.

I was not too happy with the figures that I made previously because they are a bit over size in height and build so I searched for some proprietary models. I found and bought three of the five figures needed, that were a good match, from the excellent Monty's Models range. I have not found a close match for the other two, a balding middle aged man and a middle aged woman in a summer dress.

It was at this point that I moved the foot bridge to its correct position near the road bridge completely destroying the cameo scene! But the figures are so good I decided to leave them in their original place. The girl in the pink dress has been modified by giving her a head scarf made from kitchen foil.

The palisade fence in the above photograph is Ratio GWR spear fencing with the diamond points cut off. Not quite enough in the packet to complete the job so I designed and 3D printed the extra panels to good effect. Had I known the fine detail would print OK I would have printed the lot.

Moving along the platform the waiting shelter was scratch built in the 1980s from hardboard and card. Next to it is a rack of fire buckets.

Beyond the road bridge is a water crane, station name board, swan neck lamp, noticeboard and the co-acting signal described in an earlier posting. An LSWR style bench is needed to complete this scene.

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