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Saturday 9 April 2016

Project 16 - Signal Box

Earlier I mentioned that a new Signal Box was needed because the previous one was too tall for platform mounting. This is it - a LSWR Type 1 from Crewkerne. At Crewkerne it lasted until October 1960 when it was replaced with an austere rectangular box (literally) that was placed off the platform. My model has the original open wooden steps but sometime before the 1960s the staircase had been replaced with brick steps.

How the model was made

A photograph showing the front of Crewkerne box was opened in my graphic editing Application and scaled to dimensions obtained from a scale plan of Witley box shown in G. Pryers book 'A Pictorial Record of Southern Signals'.

Decorative layers where then drawn and overlaid on the photograph to create individual parts, for example, window frames and valance. With regard to the sides and rear it was a case of finding other photographs of those sides. No photograph of Crewkerne's rear was found, which was a shame because side views gave a tantalising glimpse of a lean-to brick built structure at the rear. Fortunately, photographs of similar boxes exist giving good views of the structure. Most notably, Chard Junction and Crediton.

The parts were ink jet printed on sticky back paper, stuck to greyboard, cut out and assembled. I am using Epson Durabrite Ultra ink that is specified as having excellent colour retention over time and is water resistant. Some of my models printed this way are over five years old and look as good as new.

Now, that is just an overview of what is a complex and time consuming process to produce a detailed three dimensional model comprising nearly 90 parts. It even has interior decor and shaped gutters! The only parts that are not paper or greyboard are acetate window glass and 3D printed plastic down pipes. Later I may add furniture and lever frame etc. to the inside.

The footbridge is a kit bashed Heljan model to make it look like Axminster. Of course, this is not correct for Crewkerne. It had a concrete footbridge in front of the road bridge. I preferred the look of Axminsters, which is the reason why my model station is not called Crewkerne. It is not an exact copy.

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