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Friday 15 April 2016

Project 16 - West Field Pt.1

This is the actual field to the North West of the station that is to be modelled. Note the embankment alongside the platform and the hedge line in the distance, which is alongside a track called Green Lane. I searched but could not find a local name for the field itself so, I'm calling it West Field.

And this is the beginnings of the field on the model.

It is only about 2.5% the area of the real field and yet it occupies about 25% of my Misterton model railway! That is a lot of real estate in modelling terms to dedicate to grassland. I do like to see a model railway set in the context of its surrounds but that amount of vacant area is a step too far I feel. I considered bringing the hedgerow of Green Lane forward to the back edge of my field but Station Road whilst inclining down has not yet reached the level of Green Lane.

Previously in this area of the model was a wheat field with an overgrown fence line boundary to a wood of mature trees. I plan to place the previous fence line and some of the trees into the top left corner of my field, not along the entire length but about half way to give the impression that the field continues beyond the model This arrangement should add interest and be a nice back drop.

The landscape is made from polystyrene foam packaging sculptured with a hot wire cutter and the gaps between blocks covered in plaster-of-Paris bandage. The lot was then covered in textured ceiling plaster, mainly to cover holes appearing in the bandage fabric.

The non scenic, removable bridging baseboard is visible in the foreground. Track on this is Peco streamline code 75 rather than my own fabricated sleepers on Peco code 75 flat bottom rail used on the scenic section.

To Part 17.

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