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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Project 16 - West Field Pt.2

The white plaster surface was painted with green kiddies paint, its more like emerald green than grass green as that is what I had to hand. It is only to provide a background colour to the grass that is to be 'sown' in case it 'grows' a bit thin. There is a point of view that brown for soil would be better. I did paint the wood area in the corner brown as that would have bracken more so than grass under the tree canopy. I have placed a fence and some undergrowth in the corner temporarily.

I glued carpet underlay over the embankments, the old fashioned type that has a hair, jute, wool, string and anything else they care to put in to bulk it up. When dry it was very carefully ripped away to leave a very hairy surface like unkempt grass. The strands were raised further with a nail brush and trimmed with scissors and hair clippers to remove excess height.

An acrylic grass green spray paint quickly and effectively turned the hairs from brown to green, although I did not over do it to allow some brown to show through for a graduated colour.

The top of the embankment beyond the platform was sprayed with dilute PVA and barley coloured static grass applied with my home made applicator to give the appearance of long dry grass of late summer, whereas alongside the platform the grass has been occasionally cut by railway staff or their contractors.

This photo below of the embankment alongside Station Road shows the coarseness of the grass quite well.

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