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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 16

I liked the use of railings on Arun Quay. I 3D printed some for my layout and what a pain that was!

Initially, I designed each 6 foot panel as one part. The horizontal bars extend slightly either side of the poles. When the panel is printed laid down there is a small gap between the poles and the print bed, which was enough to cause malformation of the poles in places. The solution was to make each panel from two parts such that the poles are in contact with the print bed and a separate horizontal bar side extension is glued in place afterwards

That was not the end of the story because each panel is glued to the next using Superglue and that was more successful at sticking my fingers than the plastic!

The ivy is teased out hairy string covered in real, minced dead tree leaves and then sprayed with green acrylic paint.

The spiky 'weed' is petrified lavender leaves from a bush that had died, sprayed with green acrylic paint.

To Part 17A.

To Part 1.

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