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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Project 16 - Station Road

Station Road, bridge and embankment are reused from the previous build. Adjustment and refurbishment was necessary to fit the new location just a few inches away but skewed due to the track curvature.
  • Cut about 3 inches off one end of the road and extend the other end.
  • Decorate the other side of the bridge, which was 'off scene' and plain previously.
  • Resurface the road. I was going to add texture but found the Wickes 'urban nights' grey emulsion match pot I used to repaint the surface has a slightly rough texture anyway. It also dried without brush streaks.
  • Remake the step banisters to replace broken ones.
After 2 or 3 hours work I felt a little disappointed because the scene is the same as before. Not to worry though because most of the remaining landscape will be different to what was there previously.

More about the bus, special to this location.

The Water Tower can be purchased here.


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