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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Project 16 - Platforms Pt.3 Fin.

The process for adding decoration to the platforms was as follows:
  • Paint the top surface dark grey emulsion.
  • Mask platform edge.
  • Apply watery PVA glue to the top surface and sprinkle over granite dust to give texture. The covering also hides defects and raised grain contours (if present) in the wooden base.
  • Vacuum off excess. Where there is light covering of dust the darker grey shows through giving a nice graduation of colour across the surface.
  • Remove mask and paint white line along platform edge.
  • Design and print stone paper.
  • Stick to platform front face.
The stone colour on the platform front is not quite what I had in mind but after two attempts this will do and does not look too out of place alongside other stonework associated with the station. It is suppose to be ham stone ashlar, which has a yellow ochre colouration in its unweathered state but in this position it would be darker due to muck deposits and weathering.

The signal box was designed for ground standing but, here on the platform, the plinth is too tall. I'll need to remake it later for the correct height in the same style. To Part 11.

To Part 1.

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