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Friday, 26 February 2016

Project 16 - Platforms Pt. 2

The Up platform was made in the same way as the down platform. It is much wider in places in order to support the Station Buildings. The open land to the right (car park) will be filled with sloping ground works down to a siding.

There is a culvert in the front face of the UP platform. This is where turnout control roding and signal control wires enter to come up inside the platform mounted signal box. There are two cross members of bullhead rail in the culvert, one is a lintel support and the lower one is a support for signal wire pulleys. (I shall be modelling cosmetic point roding but probably not the signal wires.) The left hand wall of the culvert broke away when I sawed through the platform and has been replaced with card. In this view you can also see my solution to fill the gap left by the saw blade - a slither of (pink) card that is glued to one face only, this area being the split between baseboard modules.

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