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Thursday 6 August 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 25C

This is about lifting equipment for the transhipment shed. With platforms either side of the run through siding a beam hoist is necessary to convey goods from one to the other. The cabling is static but the trolley can be moved along the beam. Quite pleased how this turned out.

The beam is supported by two longitudinal beams that are mounted on wall brackets. All parts are 3D printed except cabling and pulley. I tried to print the pulley but it did not form as well as those on the Puffer Boat, perhaps because the elliptical Puffer pulleys have a bit more 'meat'. In my stock box I had a couple of small rods with spigots on the ends so it was made up from that.

The beam extends over the lorry loading area and you would think it would also extend over the boat loading area. Remembering this is a quay on a river estuary with coastal steamers visiting; I decided it would not be appropriate as it could get in the way of a boats rigging when it is trying to moor alongside. So, a rotating crane is installed on that platform.

This crane is a scaled up version of my 4mm scale goods shed crane. The design is fully detailed so no further enhancements were required for this larger version.

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