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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Project 20 - 0 Gauge Layout - Part 12

G. Pryer's book 'A Pictorial Record of Southern Signals' has a scale drawing of level crossing gates for a single line. Bizarrley the scale is a little larger than 7mm scale so, rescaling had to be done to make the model. The drawing is of a set of gates on the Hayling Island (LB&SCR) branch line. To complement the drawing I did a search for photographs and came up with a couple, one of which suggested the crossing was located at Langston. However, other photos of the Langston crossing clearly showed a different style of gates.

Further searching eventually identified the location as New Lane, about 1500 metres from Havant station. The branch line route now exists as a footpath and to my delight the gates have been retained as an entrance point. Google street view gives us close up views where details of their construction can be seen.

The model was 3D printed as a kit of parts and is manually operated. After the photos were taken a white mesh was glued over each gate, as the prototype in operational days. The mesh came from a small 'wedding favors' gift bag, available from Hobbycraft.

Grond surfaces will be to textured and coloured later.
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