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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Project 18 - Jetty (Part 2)

I read that the Jetty is made from concrete and rubble. I guess the sides are concrete and the infill compacted rubble.

With regard to the model jetty its top surface was raised to the top of the rails using DAS clay. I started by infilling between the outside rails. A wet spatula smoothed the surface level by running it along the rails. The rough texture was created by pressing a sheet of coarse sandpaper into the wet clay.

Infilling between the rails of each track posed a problem of how to keep the clay clear of the rails so that the wheel flanges of wagons can  roll unhindered. The solution was to 3D print a plastic channel and spread the clay within that (1st photo).

The clay dries to white. Using acrylic paints I painted it a light grey. Aerial photographs show that the edge of the jetty is lighter, which must be the top of the concrete walls. However, the join between the two shades appears quite ragged.

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