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Friday, 15 December 2017

Project 18 - Back Scene

The back scene is to fit the inside of the box file lid.

It is created from a modern photograph of the scene viewed from the West Quay on the other side of the harbour, which is now a car park. The viewpoint overlooks the harbour, South Jetty, the Camel estuary and in the far right distance the fishing port of Rock.

There was a lot of modern clutter in the foreground, cars, crane etc. that was wiped in my photo editing application.

The Jetty is about 40 feet wide, which is too much to fit the box file along with the Trawler so, it must disappear into the back scene, which is represented by the pale strip at  the bottom.

I had to enlarge the image considerably, which has forced the landscape out of focus. This may be advantageous as the eye needs to be drawn to the foreground model more than the back scene and with wagons placed on the jetty rails the landscape will be even more obscured.

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