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Thursday 4 February 2016

Project 16 - Starting Up Line

Track laying has started for the Up Main Line. The distance between Up and Down tracks, is known as the 6' way, measured between the outer sides of the inner rails. But, I have seen this stated as 6' 5.5", which equates to 25.83mm (4mm scale). On curves the tracks are spaced further apart than this to stop passing long rolling stock hitting each other.

Having fixed the Peco single slip and 3-way turnout down and taken the measurement I find Peco has set it to about 33mm, which equates to 8.25'. I assume Peco set this dimension for uniformity with the wider spacing necessary on curves ?

This photo also shows the removable/lifting bridging baseboard between Misterton and Hewish Gates. It joins the Misterton baseboard at the blue line. It is not a good idea to cut the rails at such an acute angle as the gauge can become distorted. I prefer to cut the rails at or near to 90 degrees. To achieve this the track bed extends onto the Misterton baseboard (bounded by the red line) and for strength is made from hardboard instead of cork.

On the previous layout this lifting board for access beyond was non-scenic because I did not want cumbersome scenic items to get in the way or be damaged due to lifting the board. Instead a portable back scene was placed at the front of the baseboard to give a view of landscape and hide the bare railway. Access beyond was never found to be necessary so, this time I am going to landscape the board whilst retaining its remove-ability. At the far end will be the portal to Crewkerne tunnel, the other end of which already exists on the Hewish Gates side.

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Mikkel said...

Congratulations on the RM cover. Nice to see some pre-grouping action on the front page.

That's a clever solution to the cutting of track on the lifting board. It will also help conceal the gap between the boards I suppose, as it won't be a long straight cut easily spotted by the eye.

David Smith said...

Thanks Mikkel. Your work on The Farthing Layouts is highly inspirational and I urge others to visit your Blog. (link in my blog list in the right hand column).

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