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Wednesday 6 January 2016

Project 16 - Trackbed

The baseboards, which are 3'x2' modules, were built in plywood following the Barry Norman technique of open beams made from thin plywood sides spaced by blocks of softwood. It makes for a light, strong structure. The modules are linked together using three butt hinges (two top and one beneath in the middle) with removable hinge pins. One is just visible top left of the photo.

On the bare baseboard I lay paper sheets all over, glued down only by the edges and a few blobs in the middle. This makes for easy removal of previous layout groundworks without damage to the baseboard surface. Consequently, months of work in creating the previous layout were ripped off the baseboards in a matter of minutes.

The track on the other side of the oval (that is being retained) is raised above ground level on eighth inch cork floor tiles cut to the shape of the track bed with cambered sides. (Cork helps to absorb sound of the 'toy' trains in motion). It will be necessary to do the same on this side to maintain level alignment where the tracks join. However, the landscape of the prototype at Crewkerne was level with the top of the railway sleepers. To replicate this on the model would require much infilling each side of the cork trackbed. I decided to simplify matters and cover the entire baseboard with the tiles. The groundworks each side of the track bed will be level with the bottom of the sleepers.

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