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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

3MT Renovation - Part 3

Both the front bogie and pony truck, which are identical, had suffered some damage and this one shown has become brittle with surface cracking. The metal,  made from MAZAK, is prone to this if it contains impurities or incorrect proportions of metal. Mazak is an alloy of mostly zinc with some aluminium, magnesium and copper content.

The circular pivot point had fractured into 3 pieces with one part missing. The missing part was recreated using car body filler, as was part of the wheel flange that was also missing. The other grey coloured parts are tailored from plastic sprue and glued in place but these are fragile and will not take a hard knock. The additions have since been matt black painted.

I considered remaking the entire bogie using the 3D printer but as this is a vintage toy I wanted to retain as much of the original as possible whilst it is still serviceable.

The rusted weathering effect on the chassis coupling rods was removed using toothbrush and oven cleaner spray and moving parts then lightly oiled. I may paint the wheels matt black as the natural grey finish is just not right.

Now I need a motor, which might take a while to obtain.

To Final Part.

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