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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

3MT Renovation - Part 2

The remnants of the original lining, number and emblem were removed by scratching them with my thumbnail. They simply cracked and fragmented.

I did not think that a DIY approach to replacement with the facilities to hand was a viable proposition so I searched Ebay for suitable transfers. It was then that I found a supplier who offered not transfers but a complete refurbishment set for R59 as sticky paper labels. That got me thinking whether or not I could design replacements in my graphics application and ink jet print onto sticky paper. (The ink I use is Epson Durabrite, which has excellent colour retention properties and is water resistant).

The design was straightforward and print quality fine. It is worth noting that sticky backed paper once peeled off the backing is thinner than normal 80gms print paper. When applied to the model its thickness is thin enough to look like a slide transfer.

The pannier tank lining was given black edging and black infill between the white and red lines. The first cut was made along the outer edge of the white line and the panel peeled off as a whole, stuck on the pannier tanks and then a second cut made along the inner edge of the red line and the white panel peeled away leaving a remarkably good quality lining.

The other panels were cut out and fitted, retaining the black inners and numbers.

The 'early' emblem is from a HMRS Pressfix transfer sheet that is years old and lost most of its adhesion. To ensure they stayed in place they were placed on top of a puddle of watery PVA glue and when dry covered with matt varnish.

To Part 3.


Geoff said...

What an ingenious way to refurbish the old model David, I had the green version and it was my pride and joy, just wish I had kept it now.

David Smith said...

Yes, I surprised myself in doing this. These vintage models, or parts thereof, can be purchased from model rail show traders.

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