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Friday, 15 May 2015

'N' Thornycroft J Class Lorry - 3D Print. Part 5f

I hate SuperGlue. It's been troublesome getting these small parts to stick. Why does the glue stick skin better than plastic? (By the way this is PLA plastic and does not work with polystyrene glue) I'm finding I have to wait a long time for the Superglue to fully go off and once it has held its a b****r to break apart if a mistake occurred. The petrol tank is a case in point. I placed it in the correct position on the bulkhead, applied pressure to create the bond and set aside. Came back later to find the tank had slipped down the bulkhead and set hard. The only consolation is it is barely visible once the canopy is in situ.

Photo 1: Cargo body and battery boxes assembled and step glued to the chassis.

Photo 2: Rolled canvas doors with integral pillars applied. I painted the wheel sets off the lorry as once they are in place it would be difficult to access their rears. At the same time I painted the canopies,which are a lighter colour than the rest, although not particularly obvious against the darker wheels. I may need to over paint a lighter colour.

The canopy with strapping  is removable, sliding over the cab rear wall. I might design and make a folded canopy as an option.

Photo 3: Rear wheels, drive shaft and exhaust pipe glued in place.

Photo 4: Front wheels glued in place and rear mudguards. The latter are strips of 'brim' curled over a metal rod to form the curve and glued to the underside of the cargo body. Head lights cut from the plastic rod and glued to side of radiator.

All looks a bit rough I know but bear in mind the photograph equates to your eyeball being about three inches from the lorry, whereas the optimum viewing distance for 'N' gauge is about 2 feet.

In the next posting, painting and final assembly.

To Final Part.

To Part 5a.

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