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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

'N' Thornycroft J Class Lorry - 3D Print. Part 5d

This photo shows the set of wheels, petrol tank, steering wheel and rod. What a mess!

Each component was printed with a brim, which helps these very small components stick to the printer bed. The brims will be cut off and part of the long one on the right will be used for the step up to the cab.

Next thing to notice is none of the holes in the wheels formed as the printer could not cope and the conical shape of the wheel hub is just a blob.

They look useless but with a bit of filing and drilling they become useable. You may think this defeats the object of 3D printing but at least the wheels are round!

In the next posting the remaining components will be printed.

To Part 5e.

To Part 5a.

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