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Thursday, 14 May 2015

'N' Thornycroft J Class Lorry - 3D Print. Part 5e

The remaining parts were printed, cleaned up and assembly begun.

Photo 1: The complete kit of parts, including skirt and brim (see part 5d). There should be a window in the rear wall of the cab. I left it out because it is hidden by the canopy on the model.

Photo 2: Two holes were drilled in the cab floor for steering column, gear lever and brake lever (the latter two in one hole). The steering wheel was glued to a length of 'skirt', fed through its locating hole, glued and excess cut off. Similarly with the gear and brake levers. Front and rear wheels were glued to their axles, the front axle being a length of 'skirt'. The petrol tank was glued in position behind the front bulkhead.

Photo 3: Two lamps were cut from the rod and glued to the front bulkhead and the cab glued in place on the chassis. The four cargo body supports were glued on top of the chassis frame. Mudguards fitted to the front wheels. I may treat the rear wheel mudguards differently and will leave these until later.

Photo 4: Lengths of 'skirt' are used for cab canopy strapping and same for the step, which is cut from a 'brim'.

Assembly continues in the next posting.

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