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Monday 25 August 2014

GBL BoB - Part 5

I spent ages comparing the buffer beam position and size against a scale drawing of the locomotive trying to decide where the main error was, what to fabricate and where to make the cut.The dimensional errors are the valance height, buffer beam height and the height of the vertical panel above the buffer beam. All need their height increasing to match the scale drawing.

Of particular concern was the valance above the front bogie that curves around the front because cutting into that and fabricating a replacement could be tricky. I noticed from prototype photographs that some locomotives in the class do not have a valance. I then checked out the actual engine that I am modelling (to be revealed later) and found it belonged to be one of these. This makes the modification much easier. It was a simple case of a straight cut with a razor saw to remove the valances and offending buffer beam parts.

The replacement buffer beam was designed and 3D printed in three parts that were then cyanoacrylate glued together and to the body. It is difficult to show the detail because the white plastic tended to bloom in the photo. I have played about with it in a photo editing application to try and reveal the detail. Trust me, it looks better than seen in the photo.

The circular Southern ring on the front of the smoke box door was very carefully dremelled away with the grinder attachment so that just a small remnant remained. This was scrapped away with a scalpel, which leaves a more shiny surface that the dremel does. Finally, this area was polished with the dremel polishing pad attachment.

The white areas are to be painted.

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised to see that a Zero 1 chip can be located within the body without interference or modifications. It is stuck with double sided tape on top of the chassis weight.

To Part 6.

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Unknown said...

Great stuff. The GBL series seems to be getting people back into actual modelling which is excellent. I had a play with one of their Jinties and you can see the results at www.p4newstreet.com (click on workbench then Brettell Road from the drop down menu).

Keep up the good work


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