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Saturday, 26 October 2013

YMRV MK1 SK Coach Enhancements - Final

What perplexed me most about the YMRV* coach is its lack of coach numbers. After all, as a beginner's model I would expect a detail like this to be included. But, as I researched suitable coach numbers to apply it occurred to me that this is a very clever tactic that the major manufacturers would do well to consider. The trouble is you see if we buy a rake of same style coaches from a major manufacturer the chances are they will all have the same coach number since they are mass produced.

What would be ideal is for coaches to be supplied without applied numbers but with a transfer sheet giving a range of number sequences for each region.

ymrv coach number

I used HMRS pressfix sheet 14 (BR steam era) transfers with a clear varnish coating to seal. Each character is individually applied, which is extremely fiddly (This is why I suggest in the above paragraph a number sequence transfer). The photo above also shows the home made concertina gangways.

ymrv coach no smoking

From the same transfer sheet triangular no smoking signs are added to the two central windows of the non corridor side. All transfers are positioned by reference to a Bachmann green SK that I already have.

ymrv coach solebar

'Emergency lighting point' and white star vacuum points are added to the solebar each side.

ymrv coach c1

'Restricted C1' is applied to each end.

The other modifications to the standard coach were painted grey roof, painted handles and the heavy weight removed for better free running.

 * Your Model Railway Village part work.

To Part 0.

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