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Wednesday 2 October 2013

YMRV Maroon Coach Numbers for BR(S) S.W. Division - Part 2

I said in the last posting about this subject that I would explain the 'unexpected path' my research lead me. When I started writing about it I realised that there was probably too much information for one posting, in fact there is potential for a book! So, I'll save it for the next posting. I have now selected the three numbers I will use on my maroon YMRV (Your Model Railway Village part work) coaches, or maybe not use. You see, I have Keith Parkin's book on order from the library because it is considered the bible on MK1 coaches and may give more insight into history of the coaches. It was suppose to be available to call in from another library but some 3 or 4 weeks later still no sign of it. (I bet another YMRV purchaser has it out on loan).

These are the three numbers I have chosen from the short list shown in the previous posting on this subject.


In 1962 24311 was allocated to set 875 [BSK(34251)-SK(24311)-CK(15033)-BSK(34252)] and would be seen passing through Crewkerne on these services:- Portsmouth/Brighton to Plymouth and Exmouth/Sidmouth to Cleethorpes.

There is a comment in the SEmG archives of a photograph somewhere showing the 4th August 1962 9.03 Portsmouth-Plymouth service with this set having one of the centre coaches in maroon. I don't know whether it was the SK or CK. But it is a close call and I'm happy to assume it was the SK for my purpose.

The coach transferred to WR in February 1964 and came back to the South Western Division in July 1964 for 'loose' workings. With the WR controlling South Western Division from 1963 it is reasonable to conclude that 24311 was in maroon with a W prefix and used in any set or special service that required an extra SK.


In 1962 24312 was allocated to set 876 [BSK(34253)-SK(24312)-CK(15034)-BSK(34254)] and like 24311 would be seen west of Salisbury for the same services.

24312 is identified in BRSCarriages1_5.pdf‎, available from SEmG Online, as being maroon on transfer from BR(S) to BR(W) in August 1963. The file archives at SeMG also reveal a comment that the S prefix was changed to W. Prior to this date the coach would have been green, if I have interpreted the comment correctly. The coach returned to the South Western Division by July 1964 and used for 'loose' workings. Assumed maroon with a W prefix. It was condemned and converted to a carflat by WR in 1968.


No evidence found as to what livery this coach carried but it was used on the same services as the other two in 1962, being allocated to set 877 [BSK(34255)-SK(24313)-CK(15035)-BSK(34256)]. The coach transferred to WR in February 1964 and came back to the South Western Division in July 1964 for 'loose' workings. Assumed to be maroon with W prefix.

Note: Coaches in a train were arranged into fixed sets. The 'loose' maroon coaches could have been included in any numbered set or special service that required an SK to meet passenger demand, resulting in mixed liveries of green and maroon. Fixed sets were abandoned in 1966.

Postscript: Just to show how varied/unusual passenger stock was after Western Region took over I found a photo in 'Ralway World Annual' 1976 of Bulleid WC 34099 Lynmouth on 05/09/64 hauling a Bulleid BCK in 'freshly painted lined maroon' and an ex-LNER Thompson SK also in lined maroon at Honiton tunnel!

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