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Saturday 31 March 2012

N Gauge Society - Berkshire Club Expo 2012

Simply because I'm taking an excursion into 'n' gauge modelling did I visit this exclusive 'n' gauge exhibition. It is always interesting and sometimes helpful to see what other modellers are doing.

This club has developed a modular approach to layout construction. Each member builds a section to a common standard to operate at home and connect with others for exhibition. a very large model railway is possible this way and it was exhibited together with 9 other N gauge layouts, demonstrations and a few trade stands.

It was expected this would be a small exhibition by current standards but the variety of layouts on display made it a worthwhile visit. If you like lots of track, or umpteen cameo scenes crammed onto the layout, or trains speeding by then your wish would be fulfilled.

Two layouts that I enjoyed were Kidmore Vale, which arguably was more authentic than the others, being based on reality to some degree with lots of fine, believable details. The other was perhaps easily overlooked as it was just a double track and station halt but, it was accurately constructed from historical photographs of Winnersh Halt in Berkshire.

I have always had a leaning towards authentic, historical railway modelling and whilst a model based on reality may be considered a boring exhibit to look at, if an understanding can be gained of the the time and place on which it is based then it brings it to life.

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